Monday, 25 March 2013


“Mad Monday”


10 Handstand Push-ups

15 Chest-2-Bar

20 Jumping Squats (6″ above maximum reach)

25 Kettlebell Push-ups

30 meters of Bear Crawl

35 Slammers @ 2m (12/8)

40 Double Under


3 rounds for time


Rest 2 minutes

Partner up, 4 minute AMRAP:

Row for calories, switch every 15 calories



Post time and calories to comments


  1. schumer says

    Timed out at 35?
    Started with du’s. Got through kbpu in rd 3.
    Attempted all Rx hspu. Pretty slow.

  2. runnergirl says

    Still trying to get DU. Did 20 each rnd and 60 singles.
    60 cal with Christian.

  3. 33:52

  4. Christian Steichen says

    Not feeling good from Sunday PLU WOD
    60 Cal

  5. 20.12 masters mod

    60 kcal with Brit

  6. says

    HSPU not to the mat (at all)
    1″ band on Chest to Bar PLU
    53 cal row with Robert ( who I slowed down! sorry)

  7. 28:11 Rx

    53 Row with Christine (who I slowed down! Sorry)

  8. Ethan Dennis says


  9. dscroggins says

    36:10 RX

  10. 27:47 rx I think
    63 cals with Justin
    Did 4 extra plu on rounds 2 and 3….started out with regular ones and had to re-do them as C2B! Since I’m complaining, my shoe came untied during DU and I was SOOO confused about 2 min rest before rowing (sorry Erin)

  11. 32:47 MOD
    That was all kinds of ugly all over the place for me today!
    1 rd rx HSPU the 2nd and 3rd rds I had t-Rex arms and had to move to the door.
    Mod C2Bar blue band
    PU were rx but U-G-L-Y and I didn’t have an alibi! HA ha ha!!

    There Jamie, does that make u feel better??
    It’s MP confessions!!!

  12. RhondaG says

    I don’t remember my time. All i know is that pic makes my butt look big!! Ha!

  13. White Ape says

    21:55 Rx
    63 calories with Becky

    That was a good WOD! 1730 class was busy tonight. I am not a fan of WODn at night. Being up from 0400, and then trying to WOD…not good. I give you evening folks props!

  14. beckyedwards says

    27:04 rx thanks battle buddy for waiting for me to WOD!!!

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