Wednesday, 20 March 2013


50 Burpee buy-in (as a team, 25 each) for time

After team is done, rest 3 minutes then start the main WOD

“Giddy up”



200 meter Shuttle Sprints x 6



4 rounds (alternating partners each round, 2 rounds each):

12 Toes-2-Bar

12 Handstand Push-ups



200 meter Rowing Sprints x 6


Followed by…

4 rounds (alternating partners each round, 2 rounds each):

12 Pull-ups

12 Overhead Squats (95/63)



120 meter Human Wheel Barrel


For Time



Post time to comments

Compare to 16 NOV 12



This is a partner WOD. In all exercises, except the wheel barrel, ONLY one partner working at a time. The Burpee buy-in is a team total, 25 each. Perform the run and row as relays; person A does 200m, tags person B to do 200m, and then repeat. Throughout the other exercises, each partner must perform equal work. Partners alternate rounds, A does rd 1, B does rd 2, A does rd 3, and B does rd 4. Each round must be completed in it’s entirety before moving to next round or event. The human wheel barrel is executed by person A grabbing the feet of person B, and then they travel with person B walking on their hands. Each partner will be the “wheel barrel” for 60m.


  1. runnergirl says

    31:15 partnered with the smooth kipper Rhonda…
    Mods for me, 1/2 band PLU, tires for HSPU, 33# OHS.
    Good work!

  2. dscroggins says

    33:03 RX’d with Robert.

  3. schumer says

    30″ box hspu w/Jim

  4. RhondaG says

    31:15 MOD
    Partner with Vicky
    Mod HSPU on Tire
    33# OHS
    Highly inefficient Rowing for Shuttle Run…on Bessie. Bessie is partial to tall people!
    Yeah for Vicky and the HSPU on the tires! Great work!

  5. 33:55 with Chad…MOD HSPU
    Sorry I couldn’t pull those out rx for you time.

    Okay, so I need HSPU therapy! Among other things!

  6. White Ape says

    25:21 Rx with Becky
    Great job Battle Buddy!

    The HSPU were rough today on the shoulder.

  7. beckyedwards says

    See Jimmy’s time! Yay!!

    This is one of my fav partner WODS!!!!

    Strong work battle buddy.

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