Saturday, 02 February 2013


“Deck of Cards”…Partner Style


: Speed Skips

♠: Partner Pistols

: Partner Wall-ball Throws @ 5 meters (12/8)

♣: Partner Push-ups

Jokers: team 1000m row

All Face cards: 20 meters buddy carry, except K & Q of ♥ are 40 meters



All numbered ‘s, add a zero to the end, and as a team equally perform that amount. Ace of is worth 100 Double Unders (50 each).

All numbered ♠’s, partners face each other link together and perform that number of pistols together. Ace of ♠ is worth 50 Burpees (25 each).

All numbered ‘s, partners perform double the number in WB throws, i.e. 2 of is 4 team throws. Ace of is worth 50 throws (25 each).

All numbered ♣’s, partners perform that many PU each, with legs elevated on partner’s back. Ace of ♣ is worth 50 Handstand Push-ups (25 each).

All Face cards of all suits, partners alternate and carry partner for 20m. Only one partner carries per face card. Except, the K & Q of is worth 40m, 20m each.

When a joker is pulled, teams row 500 meters, switching at 250m. In a large group, pair up with another team and row 1000m.



For time and FUN



Post time and experience to comments


  1. Super FUN WOD this morning!

  2. Had fun finishing the deck with the overachievers this morning. Vicky you were a great partner and fast horse.

  3. beckyedwards says

    So much fun today!!! Great class!

  4. runnergirl says

    Crazy workout today! Finished the week with 21 miles. Trying to build the back.
    I may be a fast horse, but Jamie is the master of all things crossfit! Great work!

  5. Got decked with Danny…great fun!

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  7. Tammy Gailey says

    Boot camp Class

  8. hgreen0611 says

    Boot camp class

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