Friday, 01 February 2013




Squats:        80-40-20-40-80

KB Swings: 40-20-10-20-40 (1.5/1 pood)

Pull-ups:     20- 10- 5 -10-20


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Compare to 15 FEB 12



Perform 80 air SQ, 40 KBS, and 20 PLU. Then 40 SQ, 20 KBS, 10 PLU, and so on.


  1. Christian Steichen says

    w/ Chad V.

  2. 25:23 RX
    4:30 PR

  3. 23:17 RX 8 seconds slower than the board…:(

    9:14 rx With Vicki

  4. runnergirl says

    23:57 mod PLU w/ pink band
    9:14 mod singles with Jana.
    Great workout!

  5. 18:50 RX
    1:08 PR

    8:49 Jump Rope with Lisette

    I think this has been a challenging week!

  6. 26.51

    reps as posted (no master mods)
    35# KBS
    green band PLU

  7. 29:22 Rx

  8. dscroggins says

    23:00 RX. 1:43 PR
    7:?? jump ropes with Robert.

  9. beckyedwards says

    17:28 rx

  10. 18:26 rx. 5:24 pr from the board!

  11. 20:03 Rx 6 min PR–congrats to all the PRs

  12. White Ape says

    Congrats to all PR’s today!!!

    I had to take a DNF today. 🙁 That is the second one I have taken in 5 1/2 years. First one being my very first WOD, Filthy Fifty, that I thought doing it Rx as a CrossFit rookie would be easy…NOT! Today was similar, in that I thought I was ready and wasn’t. Been sick all week and thought today, being the first day without a mild fever, would be the day to come back full throttle….NOT!

    I got light headed and dizzy as I started the second “40 SQ”, and had to lay down. I got up and tried some more but it wasn’t meant to happen. I will retry next week.

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