Friday, 25 January 2013


Partner WOD

As a team, row 1000m, 14 strokes at a time. While one partner is rowing, the other does 7 Burpees, jumping onto a 45lb weight plate….then

“Lucky 7”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 21 minutes of:

70 Double Unders

7 Thrusters (115/83)

7 Toes-2-Bar


One partner at a time does a round, the other partner rest. The partner that finished on Burpees, works first.



Post row time, completed rounds and extra reps to comments


  1. Partners with Vicky and Christine

    Not sure about the row time.

    Completed 9 rounds + 55 reps.
    Mod: 63# Thrusters

    Girl Power !!!

  2. Balboa60 says

    That pic makes me laugh…I knew you were going to use it! See you at noon:)

  3. runnergirl says

    Row time ??
    9 rounds + 55reps
    45# and singles
    Partners with Rhonda and Christine.
    Great work girls!

  4. Christian Steichen says

    Partners with Chad Edwards
    6:25 row time… (I think)

    8rds and 67 DU
    At 95#
    Rx otherwise

  5. Unknown row
    7 Rds + 81
    With Jim

  6. 8 rds

  7. runnergirl says

    Hey if anyone is interested in running at turkey at 6:30am Saturday, bring a headlamp. We’ll be out for about an hour or so.

  8. dscroggins says

    6:05 row
    with Robert

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