Saturday, 19 January 2013

Attention all MP CrossFitters: tomorrow is the Health Zone Health Fair. From 0930-1000, there will be spectators watching us WOD. Then from 1000-1030, there will be a free trial class. Come demo the excitement of CrossFit!



Running group will meet in the main parking lot for Turkey Mountain at 0715. All are welcome!



Main WOD:



Three rounds of:


Power Snatch (75/53)

Box Jumps (24/20″)

Thrusters (75/53)

Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups


For Score


“Hope” is the same format as “Fight Gone Bad”. Each station is performed for 1 minute, then you rotate to the next station and immediately begin that exercise. This continues until you have completed all 5 station, 5 minutes total. At this point, you rest for 1 minute. No rest between stations. Repeat this process for 3 rounds. Each correctly performed rep is 1 point. Add up all rounds for total score.



Post score to comments

Compare to 15 JUN 12


  1. Christian Steichen says


  2. 184 RX

    12 rep PR

  3. 209 Rx
    Didn’t do this one back in the summer

  4. beckyedwards says

    214 rx. That’s a 40 point PR from this summer!!!

  5. runnergirl says

    4.5 at turkey
    178 mod all around
    45# lifts, blue band c2b
    No snatches, did clean & jerk

  6. White Ape says

    238 pts Rx
    2 pts less than last time. 🙁
    Still, great WOD; and lots of fun with an awesome crowd!

  7. 68-58-51=177

  8. ErinFaith says

    I can’t remember I think it was 192….. 45lb thrusters and snatches and pink band pull ups

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