Monday, 14 January 2013


Hero WOD:


7 Muscle-ups

21 Burpees


5 rounds for time



Post time to comments

Compare to 09 MAY 12


  1. Christian Steichen says

    Mod: Jumping MU
    Post wod fun

  2. 17:50 MOD
    10 CTB with Purple band, 10 Ring Dips with Blue Band for muscle ups

    2:55 Jump Rope bonus round

  3. 21:31
    1:21 PR plus did the first 2 MU RX then remaining round 1 with 1/2″ band. Switched to 1″ band for remaining 4 rounds.

    2:47 jump rope

  4. 21:28 w/ green band.
    (use smaller band next time, also wear gloves, got some nice tears from this one!)

  5. runnergirl says

    17:11 mod w/ blue band c2b and box dips.
    3:25(I think, or 2:35).

  6. beckyedwards says

    15:42 rx

    Skipped jump rope, had to get my kids from school will make-up tomorrow.

  7. White Ape says

    15:23 Rx
    Man, I am smoked!!

    3:35 jump rope Rx
    I keep catching on my DU’s. still smoked from “Ryan”!

    • White Ape says

      Today really sucked! I had 5 failed reps, and 3 that I had to REALLY work to get over the bar! I learned that I need to eat closer to WOD than 5 hours!

  8. 22:50 managed 2 rx muscle ups then had to go to 1/2″ band
    this one put me in a bad mood
    3:19 on jump rope

  9. 20:56 mod MU
    I Started with banded MU but they jetti mind controlled me and I moved to C2bar Plu with blue band and dips with purple band after several failed attempts

    4:27rx for jump rope I was having trouble all around :/

  10. 21:20 pink band 3/4 inch

  11. ErinFaith says

    Shoulder wouldn’t let me do dips period. So did 20 plu with pink band and 21 burpees

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