Saturday, 1 December 2012


Trail Run:

We will be meeting at 0700 in the Turkey Mountain parking lot. We will be running 3-5 miles as a group, slow pace. All are welcome!


Main WOD:

“Blackjack” variation 2

20 Squats (SQ)/1 Sit-up (SU)
19 SQ/2 SU
18 SQ/3 SU
17 SQ/4 SU
…so on until
1 SQ/20 SU

For Time


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Compare to Tuesday, 01 February 2011


  1. Raked leaves for 4-5 hours on Saturday (amazing how stiff/sore that makes you)

    Warm-up : walked about 1 mile with my kids

    WOD: not sure of time- that s a lot of situps! Did rowers for half then I figured out I could hook my feet on the couch!

  2. Turkey run then 12:42 Rx

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