Friday, 23 November 2012

Reminder: Friday class times are 0830 and 1200.

“Thanksgiving WOD”

3-person team


150 Pull-ups
60 Tire Flips (210/180)
300 Sledge Swings (10/8)*
3-60m Wall Ball throws (20/14)**
Row 3000m***


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Compare to 25 NOV 11


All members perform equal work. Numbers listed are team totals, not individual amounts.
*Before starting the WB throws, all members must have completed 100 Burpees. These can be performed while other team members are performing WOD exercises.
**WB throws: Team Member (TM) 1 throws the ball, TM 2 picks it up and throws from where the ball landed not rolled, TM 3 picks it up and repeats. This continues until 60m is reached, at this point TM 1 picks up ball and runs it back to beginning. TM 2 then starts the throws over, and the process is repeated. TM 2 runs ball back to start. Repeat again with TM 3 running the ball back.
***TM’s row 500m each and switch until 3000m


  1. 40:55 RX

    With Jana and Jaime

  2. yeah!

  3. Coach Jimmy says

    Did a 4-person with Becky, Vicki, Nathan, and myself.
    200 PLU
    80 tire flips
    400 sledge
    4x60m throws
    4000m row

    All Rx except Vicki’s PLU. Great job Tough Mudder team!!!

  4. beckyedwards says

    Ditto what Jimmy said! Fun WOD!!

  5. 45:32 with Tracy and Ryan.

    OMG! I’m too old for this. I couldn’t throw 16# WB

  6. Ethan Dennis says


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