Friday, 16 November 2012

50 Burpee buy-in (as a team, 25 each) for time

After team is done, rest 3 minutes then start the main WOD

“Giddy up”



200 meter Shuttle Sprints x 6



4 rounds (alternating partners each round, 2 rounds each):

12 Toes-2-Bar

12 Handstand Push-ups



200 meter Rowing Sprints x 6


Followed by…

4 rounds (alternating partners each round, 2 rounds each):

12 Pull-ups

12 Overhead Squats (115/75)



120 meter Human Wheel Barrel


For Time



Post time to comments

Compare to 07 JUL 12



This is a partner WOD. In all exercises, except the wheel barrel, ONLY one partner working at a time. The Burpee buy-in is a team total, 25 each. Perform the run and row as relays; person A does 200m, tags person B to do 200m, and then repeat. Throughout the other exercises, each partner must perform equal work. Partners alternate rounds, A does rd 1, B does rd 2, A does rd 3, and B does rd 4. Each round must be completed in it’s entirety before moving to next round or event. The human wheel barrel is executed by person A grabbing the feet of person B, and then they travel with person B walking on their hands. Each partner will be the “wheel barrel” for 60m.


  1. Christian Steichen says

    95# OHS
    With John

  2. says

    32:50 (i think)
    with vickie
    50# OHS
    1″ band PLU
    ab mat HSPU

  3. Coach Jimmy says

    Partnered with Chad V.:
    I was Rx
    Chad Rx, except 95#ohs and 30″ box HSPU.

  4. 37:14 w/Christian
    95# ohs
    pathetic hspu’s

  5. 10 rds of GHD and box jumps

  6. 35:32 with Big Jim

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