Friday, 09 November 2012


For time:

Teams of two work to complete three couplets:


1) 70 reps of Weighted Lunges (45/33# barbell in the front rack position) and 70 Pull-ups

2) 70 reps of Ball Power Clean-to-Overhead (20/14) and 140 reps of Double Unders

3) 70 reps of Kettlebell Swings (55/35) and 70 GHD Sit-ups


Work is to be done using Tabata Intervals with both partners working at the same time but alternating between movements. After every eighth round of Tabata (4 minutes) both partners have one minute to run 100 meters. The couplets are resumed after the minute has passed.

Additionally, the teams must complete 70 burpees between them. If all the reps of one movement of a couplet are completed then burpees can be done in that work periods place until the other movement of the couplet is complete. Otherwise, the remaining burpees are to be done after the three couplets are finished.



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  1. Christian Steichen says

    3 runs
    With Jimmy

  2. 23:16
    with my awesome partner Kim 🙂
    That was a workout for the brain too!

  3. 21:16 with Brent

    Did my first ever Goose Grab/Urban Warfare run this morning.

  4. beckyedwards says

    15:57 RX with Jimmy

    Fun WOD!

  5. 17:17 rx with Andrew that was a fun one.
    have to admit strict plu have helped my wod plu a LOT!

  6. Partnered with Brian & Tracy
    1″ PLU
    49 DLU (Brian & Tracy partnered with singles during this part of the WOD)

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