Tuesday, 09 October 2012

Main WOD:

Power Clean




Post max load to comments






Choose a sport, and perform 8-12 rds:

Run: 200m, rest 2 min

Row: 250m, rest 2 min

Bike: 800m, rest 2 min

Swim: 50m/yd, rest 2 min



Post sport and sprint time to comments





Gymnastics WOD:


Hold right leg splits for 2 min

Hold left leg splits for 2 min

Hold middle splits for 2 min

2 rounds



Post experience to comments


  1. Nice Pic Jaime!! Even your HAIR is helping the bar go UP!!

  2. Great morning with the masters class demonstrating our (in)flexibility!! Ouch! I hope this soreness overshadows yesterday’s!! Ugh..

    Enjoyed the Power Clean instructions too..will we ever get the hang of it?
    73# was my last successful attempt.

  3. Worked on technique.
    Thanks Jimmy.

  4. Ethan Dennis says


  5. Coach Jimmy says

    Worked on form due to shoulder.

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