Monday, 08 October 2012

For Time:


10 Pistols

20 meters Handstand Walking

30 Sit-up Slammers

20 Double Unders

10 Body Blasters

Row 250m


3 rounds



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  1. 28:28
    Mods: did first 10m of handstand walk then switched to HSPU.
    1″ band for pistols

  2. 28:01 MOD
    Pistols w/Purple band
    PU for HSPU
    10 Burpee/10 PLU/20 Army Rowers

  3. 26:23 lots of Mods
    Sqts for pistols
    Mod pu for HSPU

  4. Ethan Dennis says

    all rx except pistols

  5. 35:15
    Blue band pistols
    hspu’s instead of walking

  6. beckyedwards says

    24:58 rx

  7. Coach Jimmy says

    19:49 Rx

  8. Coach Jimmy says

    Where were all the Tough Mudders?!!!!!
    Becky and I were sure missing you today!!

  9. lisettecoston says

    Pistols blue band, HSPU, Burpee, PU, KTE, Double Unders 31:11

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