Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our prayers go out to those who lost family and friends in the 9/11 attacks and in the resulting war. We also continue to pray for Soldiers in harm’s way. Please take a moment of silence today to remember the fallen.

May God continue to bless the U.S.A!


Main WOD:

Snatch (Squat)

3-rep max


Post max load to comments

Compare to 13 MAR 12






Choose a sport:

Run: 600m, rest 3 min; 400m, rest 2 min; 200m, rest 1 min; 200m, rest 2 min; 400m, rest 3 min; 600m

Row:  750m, rest 3 min; 500m, rest 2 min; 250m, rest 1 min; 250m, rest 2 min; 500m, rest 3 min; 750m

Bike: 1800m, rest 3 min; 1200m, rest 2 min; 600m, rest 1 min; 600m, rest 2 min; 1200m, rest 3 min; 1800m

Swim: 200m, rest 3 min; 125m, rest 2 min; 75m, rest 1 min; 75m, rest 2 min; 125m, rest 3 min; 200m


Post sport and sprint time to comments





Gymnastics WOD:

For quality:

Practice for 10 min:

Handstand forward rolls


Forward rolls



Post experience to comments


  1. 85#
    (could have went higher while sacrificing form.)

  2. runnergirl says

    30# bar!
    Still trying to get the lift correctly.

  3. Really enjoyed learning the proper technique. Thanks for the coaching Jimmy.

  4. CFE – Running
    12:17 Sprint time…I use the term “sprint” loosely!

  5. beckyedwards says

    65# max

    Def need to keep working lift form!

    Row cfe: 13 something row time.

    CFE was a smoker today!


    CFE- Running
    17:?? … I use the term “run” loosely!!

  7. Ethan Dennis says


  8. dscroggins says

    LaFortune 5K- 25:52

  9. 105 lbs–nice class, Jimmy! Lots of good instruction!

  10. Coach Jimmy says

    125 Snatch form work
    My shoulder is still a little tweeked from combatives on Saturday

    CFE Run:
    8:55 sprint time

  11. CFE Run WOD: running time was 10 something…

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