Friday, 10 August 2012

HZ Olympics:

Max rep Burpees in 5 minutes




“Thank God for partners”

With a partner, complete all three rounds (or as much as possible). There is a 25 minute time limit. Equal work required.


Round 1:

Row 800m

40 Double Unders

20 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

10 Handstand Push-ups


Round 2:

Row 1600m

80 Double Unders

40 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

20 Handstand Push-ups


Round 3:

Row 2400m

120 Double Unders

60 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

30 Handstand Push-ups


For Time



Post time or amount completed to comments


  1. dscroggins says

    70 burpees
    2 RDS plus 1628m on the row with Jim Lea.

  2. 53 burpees per my awesome strategy of 10/minute with 13 in the last minute.
    2 rounds + 1617 m row with Don
    Mods: singles and ledge HSPU

  3. says

    66 burpees

    second 1/2 of WOD with 3 persons.
    I think we completed 1/4 of the run for the 2nd round.?
    Not sure, but sure it was a good work out with my awesome partners Madalene and Vicky!

  4. 2 full modified rounds plus 260 meters with Debbie
    I had 35 burpies and Debbie had 17

  5. Coach Jimmy says

    88 Burpees

    2 rounds +2147 meters
    w/ Becky

    I also had to dodge shoes being thrown at me by Jaime. “Expect the Unexpected” at it’s best!!

  6. beckyedwards says

    72 burpees. One failed rep…boo!

    Ditto Jimmy’s wod info except mod singles for me & no shoe dodging. Jaime has expert aim!

  7. 61 burpees…not sure if resting strategy worked as I got 4 fewer reps
    2 full rounds plus 1735 row
    Don’t know what to say about shoes………Guess the psycho WOD was still with me

  8. Ethan Dennis says

    65 BU
    2 RDS
    plus 800m row

  9. 48 burpees…ugh!!
    2 rounds + 963 meters with Lisette!
    MOD: 20″ box

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