Wednesday, 08 August 2012


Row 200m

30 Pistols w/ roll

Run 400m

50 Single person Ball Throws @ 2m (12/8)*

Row 600m

70 meters Burpee Broad Jumps

Run 800m


For Time



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*Single person ball throws are where a person sits 2 meters in front of a wall, takes a wall-ball and touches ground behind them. They then quickly sit-up and throw the ball to the wall, and then repeat.


  1. 20:22 MOD SQ’s for pistols

    Fun WOD’ing with the 5:30amers!

  2. Christian Steichen says

    Band pistols and accidentally ran 600 instead of rowed.

  3. 21:05 close to RX. Pistols got better and less hands on the mat as the WOD went on–did 36 since they were rough at first.

  4. 33:10 with squats. Another WOD that beat me up !

  5. 21:11
    Mod: pistols with band

  6. 23:37 right leg pistols ok without mod….left leg had to have help with hands on the mat.

  7. beckyedwards says

    20:08 rx
    Bonus 50 du for time.

    Hopefully Jimmy’s psychotic state is s little better after the endorphins from this WOD 🙂

  8. Ethan Dennis says

    w/ band

  9. Coach Jimmy says

    16:44 Rx

    1100 was HOT!

    Becky, I am all normal now. 🙂

  10. ErinFaith says

    22:42 with band pistols ( o yeah after 3miles with Vickie running the hill :-O

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