Friday, 03 August 2012

HZ Olympics

Max flights of stairs in 5 minutes






Partner AMRAP in 11 minutes of (alternate partners every round):

4 Clean & Jerk (115/75)

7 Knees-2-Elbows


At the end of the 11 minutes, go right into…

4 rounds (alternate partners, each does 2 rounds):

7 Thrusters (115/75)

4 Burpee Pull-ups

275m row



4 rounds (alternate partners, each does 2 rounds):

7 Handstand Push-ups

4 Overhead Squats (115/75)



1100m Run


For Time

(Time is avg between both partners as they finish run. I.E. A-30:20, B-31:20, Team-30:50)

Only one partner working at a time, except the final run.



Post flights of stairs and  team time to comments

Compare to 13 JUL 11


  1. Sorry I Missed this one
    First time Car Battery Change for time 1hr 20 min RX and PR LOL!!!

    CFE WOD on the Ol’ treadmill instead! Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. 32:10 with Rhonda
    13 rds rx
    30 floors of stairs WHEW started out to fast and had to back down.

  3. beckyedwards says

    29:20 with Jimmy & Erin
    Mod: 65# clean & jerk, thrusters & OHS

    16 rds plus 6

    33 floors

    After yesterday’s suicide row CFE, the stairway to hades olympic event, and then today’s wod, my legs are TOAST! Turkey mountain will be interesting tomorrow….

  4. 46 floors

    6 rounds plus 13 reps with Danny

    38:06 Rx total time

  5. ErinFaith says

    “There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.”( that was in my head as I stair-climbed 😉
    And Ditto what Becky said:)

  6. Ethan Dennis says

    32 flights on stair climb

  7. RhondaG says

    32:10 with Jaime
    Keeping it short, modified everything but the Row and the Run…Gee Whiz!

    33 flights on the stairs! Jimmy really knows how to press our buttons!!

  8. Coach Jimmy says

    29:20 Rx
    w/ Becky and Erin

    16 rds +6 reps

    50 floors, maintained 162 steps/min, tiring!

    Sorry for the lengthy WOD today. Hope no one was late for work. 🙂

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