Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Row for calories in 60 sec

Now, subtract the number of calories rowed from 40 (males) and 30 (females)

The remaining numer is the number of reps to perform of:


Handstand Push-up

Double Unders x 3

Body Blasters

Power Cleans (135/95)


3 rounds for time



Post time and number of rep each round to comments



Perform the row at the begining of each round. The number you get from subtracting from (40/30), is the number of rep for that round. Body blasters are a Burpee into a pull-up, into a knees to elbows, which equals one rep.


  1. Christian Steichen says

    @ 95#
    Abmat HSPU

  2. 34:48 w/mods
    PC @ 75
    HSPU window ledge plus 2 inch

    I am sticking to my rule of no one under the age of 20 should be allowed to make up WOD’s….Jimmy I need you to come with me on this one 🙂

  3. Hey…I’m flying
    30:something, can’t remember rx
    glad tomorrow’s an off day

  4. beckyedwards says

    Mod singles, 75#

    12-14-14 reps

  5. Chad V says

    Reps/Round: 10,16,14
    30″ box HSPU

  6. 36:36 with all the modifications in the world. That one gassed me.

  7. dscroggins says

    39:47 RX
    8-15-12 reps
    I have PTSD just thinking about round 2. Excellent WOD, Christian!

  8. ErinFaith says

    33:12 ( I think) did 75 lb cleans and hopped on the 12″ box to get to the bar,
    Reps= 14, 13,12

  9. It’s a conspiracy then!! LOL

  10. Coach Jimmy says

    22:47 Rx
    Rd 1: 5 reps
    Rd 2: 12 reps
    Rd 3: 12 reps

    That was a great WOD Christian! The row on round two was a lot different from round 1.

  11. Time forgotten…
    Well I had it too easy. Reps were 4-4-4 so
    I rested then did 2 more rounds.
    And mod body blasters. Singles.

  12. Robert says

    37:55 Rx–12-16-15

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