Monday, 23 July 2012

“Partner This”

Row 500m, Front rack hold (215/145)

50 Burpees, Overhead hold (135/95)

50 Thruster (95/65), while dip support held

500 Jump rope singles, 250 each switch every 50


For Time

*Partner up, coed if possible in honor of the games. Partner A rows while B holds the front rack position. If B doesn’t hold the rack position, A stops rowing until the rack position is re-gained. After A finishes row, partners switch and same standards apply. Once both have rowed, move to Burpees/overhead hold. Each event is based on the hold. If the hold fails, the exerciser stops.



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  1. beckyedwards says

    Partnered with Jimmy/Erin


    75# front rack hold
    65# overhead hold
    45# thrusters
    Ring dip holds

    Wow. Ouch.

  2. 36:43 with Brian!

    75# front & overhead hold
    50# thrusters
    Dip holds on GHD

    I couldn’t wait to get to the singles! My wrists weren’t happy 🙁
    So, I agree with Becky…WOW & OUCH!

    Strong work 845s!!

  3. 32:36 mostly with Nathan who had to go to work. Jimmy finished out the thrusters and jump rope.
    110# front rack hold tried 135 but THAT wasn’t happening
    95# overhead hold
    65# thrusters
    I’m glad I didn’t know ring dip hold was an option did them on GHD

  4. Coach Jimmy says

    Partnered with Becky/Erin
    27:05 Rx
    Ring dip holds
    That was a WOD! I hate thrusters the most!

  5. tracey says

    Partnered with Kim:
    75# rack hold
    65# overhead hold
    45# thrusters
    GHD dips (yuck-clearly my weakest area)
    This was intimidating & rough-
    But I have to say I liked this WOD which I have named Indigo Montoya

  6. ErinFaith says

    Partnered with Jimecky dunno how many reps I was told to keep up with jimmy ;p
    But I did 95 lb hold, 65 overhead hold and 45 lb thrusters

  7. 37:31 with Dr Chad.
    75# front rack and overhead hold
    45# thrusters
    GHD dip hold

  8. says

    28:23 with Chris
    55# front rack hold
    45# overhead hold
    42# thrusters

  9. 30:17 with Brent
    100# hold
    85# OH hold
    65# thrusters

    During those thruster I ddidnt want to play anymore 🙂

  10. Robert says

    With Danny 155 lb hold all else Rx—40:27. And it looked so easy on paper.

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