Tuesday, 26 June 2012

 Pick any Three (3) skills on the “Athletic Skills Sheet


Post Skills, Lifts, or movements performed and experience/results to comments





Pick a running or rowing skill and perform to max effort


Post choice and result to comments




Gymnastics WOD:

For Quality: four rounds

Slide to Hollow, 10m

Hip Shoots, 10m


For Flexibility:

Right leg split, 2 minutes

Left leg split, 2 minutes

Couch stretch, 2 minutes



Post experiences to comments


  1. 30 pu
    30 v-ups
    1:12 handstand hold

  2. Robert says

    135 lbs shoulder press
    9 HSPU
    10 second L-sit.

  3. Robert says

    Also 1 minute HS hold

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