Wednesday, 20 June 2012


200 Singles

50 Sit-ups

150 Speed Skips

25 V-ups

100 Double Unders

25 Back Extensions

150 Speed Skips

50 Army Rowers

200 Singles


For Time



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  1. ErinFaith says


  2. 28:23 with singles the entire wod. We can call it “Leg Cramp” . That’s what I’ve got this morning.

  3. Chad V says


    40 SU for V-ups
    50 double unders and then 150 singles
    All speed skips were slow skips/running man dance

  4. 21.28

    …and WOW! what an amazing day with my parents. see Facebook

  5. Maybe Chad V. has the best name”running man dance”
    12:21 My WOD name is “superstitious” (I think I spelled it right)
    Here is my convoluted reasoning. Monday was the same WOD I broke the old ankle on last year, so I didn’t go do it, so my legs weren’t sore and I got done fast on today’s WOD.

  6. beckyedwards says

    “Annie…..on crack”

    Mod: I can’t do double-unders!!!

  7. 16:07 (I think)…only mod was 300 singles for the double unders.

    That was pretty fun!

  8. Coach Jimmy says

    11:19 Rx

    Fun WOD! I am TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!!!!! Not from this WOD specifically, but from this week!

  9. ErinFaith says

    14:40 rx
    I also think a good name for the wod is: ” Because we are too sore to do anything else”

  10. Robert says

    14:02 Rx

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