Saturday, 26 May 2012

Memorial Day WOD


As a 4-person team*, complete the following:

300 Pull-ups

400 Push-ups

500 Sit-ups

600 Squats


For Time



Post team and time to comments

Compare to 30 May 11


*Only one team member performing a given exercise at one time. No partitioning allowed. Each exercise must be completed in full before proceeding to next exercise. Same location for exercises for the team, i.e. one bar for one team, rotate out. Equal work not required.


  1. Ethan Dennis says

    I was on MOD team but did all my reps RX

  2. RhondaG says

    Did Erin’s Wod today


    50 Meters Walking Lunges
    40 Squats
    30 Sit Ups

    4 Rounds

  3. ErinFaith says

    did my wod from last friday:
    14:29 thanks for wodin with me Rhonda!

  4. 50:21 I think. Did the WOD rx with the “J” team me, Jimmy and Jake yes…only three of us. It took FOREVER

  5. Coach Jimmy says

    The “J-team” rocks! Nice job with 3 people! Yes Jaime, we were 50:21! And I got 2 rips today! 🙁 very fitting, shedding blood on a Hero WOD!

  6. Robert says

    At Crossfit Native–there to watch Olivia play tennis…did their Memorial Day WOD–“Jack” hero WOD. This hero was from Bethany, OK where CF Native is:

    AMRAP 20 minutes:

    10 Push press 115 lbs
    10 KB swing 1.5 pood
    10 24 inch box jump

    6 rounds and 26 reps–I cleaned the 115 lbs from the ground each time. See September 29th, 2010 on the mainsite.

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