Saturday, 19 May 2012

Reminder: No class Saturday.

WOD’s can be performed in the HZ.

Main WOD:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 min of:

Row 50 calories

25 Push-ups


Post total round and extra rep to comments





Choose a sport:

Run: 8 x 400m, rest 3 min

Row: 8 x 500m, rest 3 min

Bike: 8 x 1200m, rest 3 min

Swim: 8 x 100m/yd, rest 3 min


Post total sprint time to comments




Gymnastics WOD:


Hold right leg splits, 3 min

Hold left leg splits, 3 min

Hold middle splits, 3 min

Hold pike stretch, 3 min


Post experience to comments


  1. CFE WOD. rowing. 15:20

    Gymnastics WOD. Ouch.

  2. Robert says

    WOD at Native Crossfit in Warr Acres, OK:

    135 lbs power cleans 10 reps
    wall balls 20 pound ball to 10 ft target 15 reps

    5 rounds

    Posted WOD on mainsite from last Thursday.

    19:25 Rx–wall balls were interesting after the cleans. Good WOD though.

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