Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Run* or Row** 5K

For Time



Post time to comments

Compare to 22 DEC 11


*All class time will be the same and will be meeting at LaFortune for the 5K run. Go to the main entrance to the golf course. We will meet at the intersection of the sidewalk going to the clubhouse and the running trail.

**If you are unable to run 5K, go to the HZ and row 5K.


  1. Ethan Dennis says

    34:04 PR

  2. 39:42

  3. Christian Steichen says


  4. Mickey says

    25:50 PR

  5. 32:08 PR

    Congrats on all the PRs today!!

  6. Chad V says


  7. RhondaG says

    27:05 PR

  8. 23:19 PR
    Thanks for coming out and playing today gang! Great times, Great times!

  9. 23:07 PR

  10. Jaime says


  11. Don M says

    33:27 (First R)

  12. Coach Jimmy says

    Great running everyone! Lots of PR’s today. Some are first ever 5K!!

    I was 22:57. No where near a PR, but this is first distance run on sprained ankle. Ankle good for first 2 miles, but last mile, it got tender. Sub-21 this year!!

  13. tracey says

    Jogged first .50
    Combo walk jog
    Jogged part 3/4 of last .50 mile
    Left IT band pain and tightness really limiting performance.. Any suggestions!

  14. says

    32:54 Madalene and I together!

  15. lisettecoston says


  16. Robert says


  17. jflea3 says


  18. beckyedwards says

    34:41 PR for me!!!! Beautiful morning, great run!

  19. dscroggins says


  20. Deevance says


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