Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Main WOD:

Power Clean to 5-rep max Front Squat*


Post max load to comments

*Perform a power clean, and then do 5 front squats, now add weight and rest. Continue to repeat this method until you fail to clean or successfully complete 5 front squats.

Gymnastics WOD:

Practice for 10 minutes:

Kicking or Pressing to Freestanding Handstand and holding



Hold right leg split for 3 min

Hold left leg split for 3 min

Hold Pike stretch for 3 min


Post experience to comments


  1. RhondaG says

    93 # Power Clean to 5 rep Front Squat
    8 lb PR on the Power Clean

    The flexibility WODs are great!

  2. Ha!! this picture is hilarious!! It’s not for the caption contest, but I’ll make one anyway. At least my legs look strong.
    stupid human tricks: hey guys I bet I can make my eyes pop out of my head !!
    got to 135 on the power clean/front squat

  3. Coach Jimmy says

    Great WOD’s this am!! Lots of lifting and stretching.

    210 clean/5 rep front SQ
    10 PR on my old 3-rep front SQ, never did a 5-rep.

  4. Still babying my back a little, so I rowed a 5K on my lunch break…22:19

  5. Ethan Dennis says


  6. dscroggins says

    155 clean/5 rep front SQ

  7. 145 lbs on the front squats….actually I was thinking of Belushi in Animal House, Jaime…what am I now?

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