Friday, 13 April 2012

This is a swimming WOD! Do not forget your suits!! All classes, except 0845, will be swimming. 0845 will do a seperate WOD due to non-availability of the swimming pools.


For Time


25 yd Underwater Swim

50 Squats


5 rounds



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  1. RhondaG says

    Jimmy, I didn’t need those swim lessons to do this wod!! I was always a pro at sinking under the water!

  2. says

    It was harder than I thought to swim that far under water! Fun WOD!

  3. 14.45

    staying underwater for the swim was tough but fun. I resolve to swim every TH. 🙂

  4. Vernice says

    Debbie and I walked LaFortune… Great weather for an outdoor workout.
    Glad you are going to join us at the pool on Thursdays Susan!

  5. 12:53

  6. RhondaG says


    Staying under the water was tougher than I thought too. Susan, I’m so excited. You joining the Thursday swim will make 6 of us.

  7. ErinFaith says

    did weighted “crippler” with 15lb weighted vest : i am crippled sheesh! :p
    =14:02 (without vest 2 weeks ago it was 12:00)

  8. Coach Jimmy says

    11:07 Rx
    I never got relaxed on the swim. Breathing is over-rated, until you try doing it underwater! 😉

  9. beckyedwards says

    16:30 something-ish. I’m not so good at holding my breath! I prefer my pool WODs to involve the sun, a good book and a raft!

  10. 17:52 RX!

    I’m slow on squats…boo!

  11. 13:34 not my fav

  12. 13:34 not my favorite wod. Gotta swim more

  13. Ethan Dennis says


  14. 12:03 rx never could catch my breath!!

  15. 19:18 rx It was all fun and games except for the squats.

  16. Christian Steichen says


  17. 10:34 RX

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