Monday, 09 April 2012


For Time:

1000m Run

50 Squats

800m Run

40 Sit-ups

600m Run

30 Push-ups

400m Run

20 Pull-ups

200m Run

10m Handstand Walk



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  1. 25.25

    masters distance runs:
    200m x2

    knee PU
    blue band PLU
    24″ box HSPU

  2. 36:04

    knee PUs
    2 purple bands (total of 1″) PLUs
    20″ box HSPUs

  3. Chad V says

    29:45 RX

  4. RhondaG says

    32:09 (I think) MOD
    HSPU – Toes on Boxing Dummy

  5. beckyedwards says

    30:45 RX

    Next time I’m going to make it all the whole distance on my hands without falling.
    Fun calves are toast.

  6. 28:38 pretty sure. Had to have Jimmy spot me on the handstand walk. Got the strength but not the balance.
    Fun wodn with the 12:00 class.
    Running was better after some advice from Rusty. Thanks

  7. Coach Jimmy says

    23:30 Rx rowing

    3,750 meters of rowing, along with everything else in this WOD is not something to write home about! I will take 3,000 meters running ANY day! Ankle nursing is about done!

  8. Ethan Dennis says


  9. 27:15
    HSPU on wavemaster

  10. Christian Steichen says


  11. 28:55 Rx

  12. Something like 30:20 to 30:30…. I don’t remember exactly. My running sucks!! That’s okay, it’ll get better.

  13. 29:12 Rx
    The HS walk was not pretty!

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