Saturday, 07 April 2012

MP CrossFit, south Tulsa’s premeir CrossFit


Overhead Squat




Handstand Pratice

(HS hold, HS walk, HSPU, etc.)



Run or Row

With a continuous running clock, run or row 10m every minute on the minute. Adding 10m every minute, until you are not able to complete.

Set-up 2 cones, 10m apart, go back and forth as needed. Masters 55+ do 7m.


  1. RhondaG says

    OHS 85# 3 REP MAX

    That’s my PR by 20 Lbs!
    CFE – Completed 140 meters in 1 minute

  2. Coach Jimmy says

    Just got some OHS practice in; and did rowing CFE, through 19 min and had 20 seconds left, but i felt it starting to affect my ankle so I stopped.

    This is odd for me to take my own advice and listen to the body and stop when the injury says to. 🙂

  3. OHS 100# PR for me !!
    Just been lifting 65# in WOD’s I think I could have done
    More but ran over in time!! Yea!!!

  4. 135 lbs Rx but 155 not quite all the way down. Will try box OHS and see if that helps.

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