Monday, 02 April 2012

MP CrossFit, #1 CrossFit of south Tulsa

For Time


30m Walking Lunges

Run 800m, 600m, 400m, 800m*

5 Pass throughs with Dips/Push-ups*

10 Abmat Sit-ups, unanchored

15 Wall-ball Shots (games standard)


4 rounds


Post time to comments


Run 800m on round 1, 600m round 2, 400m round 3, and 800m round 4.

Pass body through, do a dip. Pass back through, do a push-up.




  1. 51:40 Masters RX

  2. 34:15

    12#WBS masters is 10# 🙂

  3. RhondaG says

    33:42 RX

    STILL hate those Wall Balls!!

    Great Job there Ms. RX Plus Susan!

  4. 32:30 rx wow! that was a fun one. Nice to see Erin today and long lost Nathan

  5. Chad V says

    27:39 RX

  6. ErinFaith says

    good to see you too Jaime! haven’t got to wod with ya in a while!
    im still on shoulder lockdown so mods were:
    10 box jumps and 15 squats (instead of of the passy-througies and wall balls 🙂
    all the rest was rx! 🙂

  7. Ethan Dennis says


  8. Robert says

    25:32 Rx–amazing job to all but in particular Jake and Christian!

  9. Coach Jimmy says

    24:42 Rx Rowing

    Rowing 1000m, 750m, 500m, 1000m…SUCKED!! I hate injury!!!

  10. Christian Steichen says


  11. 28:57 Rx
    5:30 pm i have to hand it to you…it is definately different working out in the heat!!!

  12. 42:11 Rx (my pass throughs were a little sloppy)

    And, yes, I agree with Jana…one 530pm WOD (at 90 degrees) will sure teach me to sleep in!

  13. Vernice says


    Crunches in place of sit ups.
    Couldn’t get that silly Wall Ball up for RX everytime.. but I tried. 9ft is a long way for a 4’11′” girl.

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