Saturday, 17 March 2012

MP CrossFit, south Tulsa’s #1 CrossFit

20 Push-ups (PU), 1 Sit-up (SU)
19 PU, 2 SU
18 PU, 3 SU
17 PU, 4 SU
16 PU, 5 SU
…and so on until
1 PU, 20 SU

For time

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Choose a Sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 3 x (100m, rest*, 200m, rest, 400m, rest)
Row: 3 x (125m, rest, 250m, rest, 500m, rest)
Bike: 3 x (400m, rest, 800m, rest, 1 mile, rest)
Swim: 3 x (25m/y, rest, 50m/y, rest, 100m/y, rest)

*rest is equal to sprint interval

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  1. the 9ft target….hmmmm….with Don and Verynice.

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