Monday, 12 March 2012

MP CrossFit, south Tulsa’s premier CrossFit
Quality Time at MPCF.

“What does ‘Rest’ have to do with it?”

For Time

500m Row
200m Run
50 Double Unders
20 Knees-to-Elbows or Toes-to-Bar

3 rounds

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This is the exact same WOD as last Monday, except there is no built-in rest. See how close your times are. Last week’s version had 4 minutes of rest built in. Forgive the T2B’s. I planned this little test BEFORE the games WOD was posted. 🙂


  1. Rhonda G says

    This also looks a lot like Saturday!!

  2. 24:26 with singles and sit-ups

  3. March 05 split times: 6:07, 7:07, 6:46 =20.46

    today total time was 19:55

    very interesting…..

  4. Rhonda G says

    18:31 w/Toes to Bar
    Compares to 18:01 on March 5th

  5. Chad V. says

    19:26 w/ singles
    Slower than last Monday, but did full WOD with T2B today. Last week I did first round T2B then did the last two with 2:1 SU.

  6. Coach Jimmy says

    15:04 Rx
    57 sec slower than the exercise time from last week.
    Splits for today were:
    4:14, 5:10, 5:39
    Last week:
    4:09, 4:56, 5:00

  7. 17:14 rx didnt get to do it last Monday (was on sick leave 🙂
    finally got those kipping toes to bar down! WhooHoo!

  8. 5:09–6:25–6:29. A little over a minute slower.

  9. 19:18 (22:47 last Monday w/ rest & same mods)

    Singles (all rounds unbroken)

  10. Ethan Dennis says

    29:57 RX

  11. 22:13 RX Toes 2 Bar
    PR on my Double Unders…I think it was the Lady Gaga Erin was playing 🙂

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