Tuesday, 31 January 2012

MP CrossFit, the CrossFit of south Tulsa

“Jump Everybody Jump”

200 Singles
150 SpeedSkips
100 Double Unders
150 Speed Skips
200 Singles

For Time

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Compare to 02 AUG 11


  1. MP Jimmy says

    5:31 Rx
    26 sec PR!

    Made it through 62 DU before catching! Only caught 3 times total. No catches in the singles and speed skips!

  2. Rowed 5,000K for PR 20:56

  3. Ethan Dennis says

    10:23 RX!!!!!!

    And who's that stud in the photo today??

  4. 8:04 Rx then inspired by Ethan….3 rep max PP 155 lbs

  5. Rhonda G says

    6:40 RX

    PR by 2:29 ! Double-Unders goal…75 unbroken by March 31st…!!

    Ethan, LOVE that pic … and great job on the first RX DU's in a WOD tonight! 🙂 Very Nice!!

  6. MP Jimmy says

    Congratz to Don and Rhonda for PR's!!

  7. MP Jimmy says

    Don, I that may take over top spot on the Master's board!!

  8. ran Lafortune today since it was so nice and I'm like Betty White in those snickers commercials when I have to WOD at night. I could not find a single device in my house that I could figure a stopwatch out on so I used my car clock and estimate that I got r done in 31 mins which will be a pr if it is true.

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