Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Partner WOD week


Part 1:

75 Sit-ups

500m Row

25 Box Jumps(24/20)*

Part 2:

15 Deadlifts (315/205)

30 Burpees

15 Power Cleans (135/95)

Part 3:

100 Pull-ups

200 Squats

300 Double Unders

For Time

Partner ‘A’ starts on Part 1, while ‘B’ starts on Part 2. Both start at same time. Once both have finished with their part, they switch. No rest between parts, other than if one partner gets done before the other.

After both partners have completed both parts 1 & 2, they move to Part 3 as a team. Part 3 requires equal work by both partners. Only one working at a time. Each exercise must be completed before moving to next.

Post time to comments


  1. I did WOD with Jamie, 30:24.

    I did same weight as Jamie, 165 DL/95 PC. My knee and shoulder were tight from the Prolo therapy Tuesday afternoon. However, I did feel like I was cheating a bit, so I did 30 DL's and30 PC's. That was good!

    Happy Thankgiving to everyone!

    No classes on Thursday. Classes on Friday are at 0800 and 0900 only.

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