Saturday, 27 August 2011

“Burpee Quarter Mile”

400m of Burpee Broad Jumps

Rest 5 min

“Speed Skipping Quarter”

400m of Speed Skips*

Post each WOD time to comments

*Do speed skips while traveling forward for 400m. Each time you catch, perform 3 Burpees.

We will meet at the Memorial High School track, 5700 South Hudson Avenue 74135.

Class time is changed to 0800 for this event. NO classes at MP.


  1. That looked fun. I am not up to burpees yet, but I did about a million squats and push-ups followed by the same number of step-ups. Happy B day Robert. Gotta celebrate the half birthday so I can do this one.

  2. MP Jimmy says

    15:21 Burpee Quarter
    2:00 Speed Skipping Quarter (did not catch)
    22:21 total time, including 5 min rest

    The Burpee 1/4 was exhausting! The Burpee mile with a team of 4 was a LOT easier! I do not know what I hated the most on the speed skips. Was it the overall exhaustion, or the constant fear of catching causing Burpees? LOL!

    Happy birthday Robert! Great work to all that dared to show!

  3. 18:37 Burpee Quarter
    Was late to eye appt.,so no speed skips. I should have planned better so that I could have missed the burpee quarter:) I've never been happier to be done with a WOD…..ever. Happy Birthday, Robert!

  4. 20:33 Rx then 7:30 on the speed skips–with 5 catches for 15 more slow burpees. Thanks to all!

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