Monday, 22 August 2011

21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Handstand Push-ups



For Time

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  1. I'm taking the day off because…

    I got 2nd in my age group at the F3 Sprint Triathlon yesterday! Woohoo! That's definitely a first for me! It just keeps getting better.

    Hope everyone has a delightful Monday!

  2. Rhonda G says

    30" TOB for HSPU
    Still working on those K2E

    Way to go supergirl Angie 🙂 That's amazing!! You inspire us all.

  3. MP Jimmy says

    Congratz Angela!!!

    Today's WOD:
    11:56 Rx

    I was definitely feeling my Friday-Sunday WOD's! 🙂

  4. 13:48

    Window ledge HSPU
    2:1 Sit-ups

    Taking 2 weeks off has made me soft!

    Congrats on your finish Angie!!! I had a 3 minute PR this time at the F3 and still finished 6 out of 8 in my age group! 47th out of 102 males, though.

  5. 13:04

    20" Box HSPU – still a weakling there but getting better.

    2:1 sit-ups.

    Still sore from Friday – wow.

  6. 15:20 RX. That was a fun one.

  7. 24:50 RX

  8. 12:45 toes on 30" box
    awesome job Angie!!

  9. 29:33 very slow HSPU due to Friday and Saturday I think.

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