Tuesday, 09 August 2011

Overhead Squat

5-rep Max

Post max load to comments

Compare to 28 SEP 10


Choose a sport:

Row, Run, Bike, Swim

10 x 1 minute on, 1 min off

Post total distance covered to comments


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Doesn't Erin look thrilled?!! 🙂

  2. Hey I JUST got done! I was zonked from the 157 degree temp! ;p

  3. christine says

    64# OHS
    2284m CFE Row

  4. Rhonda G says

    65# OHS – PR!

  5. Rhonda G says

    Jimmy, you look way too clean!! Ha!

  6. Great pic…Go Team MPCF!

    I am SO sore from yesterday…OUCH! I couldn't resist the cooler temps this morning so I opted for a 30 mile bike ride with friends!

  7. Patrice says

    I also am sore but worked on form today.

  8. 105 PR!! 🙂

  9. MP Jimmy says

    175 lbs
    I could have done a little more, but ran out of time. Felt good!

  10. MP Jimmy says


    Here is the link to Nicole Carrol OHS bodyweight x15.

  11. 145 lbs

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