Wednesday, 29 June 2011

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m

15 Deadlifts (225/150)

25 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Post time to comments


  1. Angela says

    Hmmm…I think my time was 23:09

    14" box
    95# DL

    We had a big group this morning…super fun! Great job, everyone…and welcome back, Dentons!

  2. MP Jimmy says

    13:15 Rx
    I was exhausted before the WOD, due to 3.5 hours of sleep the last 4 nights. However, Erin made me WOD, there was a "little" guilt trip there! Thank you Erin!

  3. Chad V. says

    16:52 155# Deadlifts

  4. 16:21 rx
    I would just like to say I don't think anyone makes Jimmy do anything!! Quit your whinning " CoCo" 😉 isn't supposed to be " expect the unexpected"? ;-ppp

  5. And PS your welcome! Your a better person for it 😉

  6. 19:22 RX

  7. 20.14
    135# DL
    18"/16" box jumps

  8. Carmen says

    115 #
    20 inch box (thank you Jimmy for not letting me use the 16" in the third round!)

  9. Ethan Dennis says

    erin, you really know how to suck up to the big man.

  10. Robert says

    Vacation WOD with Chris..using what we had…


    double unders

    Robert: 19:48 Rx
    Chris 20:15 Rx

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