Thursday, 09 June 2011

Rest Day

Strength WOD:
Hang Power Cleans
3-rep max

Post max load to comments


  1. Ok… this one is too good. I think we should do a funny caption contest. Since it's me, I give you all permission as long as it stays clean. Here's my contribution:
    "and the murder weapon was a set of dumbells"

  2. Rhonda G says

    Hang Power Cleans
    3 rep max – 84 lbs
    1 rep max – 94 lbs

    Yea!! I'm really happy about that!! I almost did something besides a deadlift in double-digit weight!! Heck, I only deadlift 115 lbs!!

    Thanks, Jimmy, for the great coaching. Vernice, I love Thursdays with you! You're awesome!

    Jaime – My name is Hans – and My name is Franz – Let us introduce you to owa little friend Jaime!! She's going to POMP YOU UP!! Just look at her muscles!! She not a GIRLY MAN…She is so Strong!! Just look at her FLEX-ability!!

  3. Jamie: I'm visioning you on top of the Empire State building with planes zipping by,
    ……… " I pick things up an put them down" ( insert German accent) 😉 love this pic!

  4. MP Jimmy says

    Jamie:(insert the sound of Tarzan)

  5. Here's another one: ahh ahhh ahhhh choo

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