Tuesday, 07 June 2011

Broad Box Jumps (20″)*

2 reps
Power Snatch

1 rep max

Post max broad jump distance and max load to comments

Compare BBJ’s to 26 OCT 10

*Start at normal distance and perform 2 Box Jumps. Step back, and repeat. Keep doing this until you cannot do 2 successful Box Jumps. Measure from the bottom edge of the box to the front of the toes. Immediately after box jumps are complete, find your 1-rep max Power Snatch.

Choose a sport:
Row, Run, Bike, or Swim
Time Trials (TT)
Row: 4ooom
Run: 2 mile
Bike: 4 miles
Swim: 800m
Post time to comments


  1. christine says

    40.5" broad jump
    60# power snatch

  2. Melanie said…

    34" broad jump-17" box
    60# power snatch

  3. 76"; 11" PR.
    I posted last night without reading prior posts. Batgirl, we're gonna miss you! Great job today everybody!

  4. Rhonda G says

    30" on 20" box

    Could possibly have gone farther…but I'm happy today overcoming my fears.

  5. 56.5" 1.5" more than last time. Snatch could have been better 85. Shoulders were toast

  6. Robert says

    62" 115 lbs

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