Monday, 30 May 2011

Memorial Day Team WOD


300 Pull-ups

400 Push-ups

500 Sit-ups

600 Squats

For Time

Post Team time to comments

Compare to 31 May 2010

This is a 4-person team WOD. Only one team member performing exercise at one time. No partitioning allowed; must complete each exercise before moving to next. Use same location for the entire team, i.e. one bar per team. Equal amount of work is not required.


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Good luck on the WOD! See you all next week!

  2. Yesterday I "lapped" LaFortune twice. 86 minutes. The heat and wind were a huge challenge.
    This morning I lapped LaFortune once. 36 minutes. Nice morning.

  3. 37:20 RX with Rhonda, Amber, Jamie ladies in da hizzy 🙂
    fun wod today everyone great job!! Thanks to bat girl for the awesome treats 🙂
    great to see Jerod ( on time ;-p lol) great crowd today lots of cheering loved it 🙂
    have great Monday off!

  4. Michel says

    My first Trevor…loved the team spirit and group today. Thanks mates – Mel, Carmen, Lesley and Debra, Amber for being the Queen in the Counting House. Have a great holiday everyone!

  5. Patrice says

    I ran three miles and then rested the entire rest of the day.

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