Friday, 27 May 2011

21-15-9 rep rounds of:
Burpee Tuck Jumps
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  1. MP Jimmy says

    7:30 Rx*
    This WOD was tougher than I thought, especially on the core!

    *Rx on the burpee jumps are defined as the knees well above 90 degrees.

  2. Patrice says

    13:16 with 2" band.
    It was nice to see you Melanie and Amber. Come more often to our exciting 6:30 class!

  3. 9:14 rx hey Jimmy oooh-oooh-ahh-ahh (monkey sounds)

  4. Rhonda G says

    9:22 RX

    As if Burpees weren't bad enough!
    Glad to see you this morning Amber and Mel! I'm with Patrice!!

  5. 14:33 RX

    Pullups are killing me, last set I was only getting 2 at a time!

  6. 8:21 rx
    that was a core burner!! :-O

  7. I'm requesting a mini trampoline for my tuck burpees. Then maybe I'll really get my knees to 45 degrees. It's always something I need work on.

    I <3 crossfit!!!!

  8. Yeah, I know my knees should be at 90 degrees….like that ever happen.
    So 45 degrees is good with me!

    Have a safe weekend. I'm helping my son move tomorrow. So see you Monday!

  9. Chad V. says

    11:51 – Sort of RX'd (pretty sure my knees weren't getting up to 90 degrees…)

  10. Robert says

    7:13 but non-standard tuck jumps so no Rx

  11. 11:23? hard workout with tuck jumps

  12. 7:42 RX. Enjoyed working out with the 5:30 p.m.ers this week. Thanks for timing me Stacy and yelling at me Amber!

  13. ethandennis says

    10:10 with bands on PLU.

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