Saturday, 07 May 2011

100 Hammer Swings (10/8)
750m Row
50 Pull-ups
25 Burpee Tuck Jumps
50 Toes through Rings
750m Row
100 Hammer Swings
For Time
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  1. MP Jimmy says

    We will be doing this in heats.

    I will have 10 and 8 lb hammers out. No need to find the "heavier" 8! 🙂

  2. MP Jimmy says

    22:50 Rx
    Fun WOD! Got off track on first hammer swings and did 110. Oh well!
    Had a great group this am!!! Hope everyone has a good weekend. and I will see you Monday.

    Coach out

  3. Danny says

    26:04 5k Trail run;
    26:55 RX'd Thor.

  4. Robert says

    23:58 Hope Rains 5K
    24:41 Rx Thor

    Used the lightest 10 pound sledge hammer.

  5. Rhonda G says

    27:57 RX

    Thor was a beat-down. I'm sore in places I didn't know I could be. UGH! Rest tomorrow!!

  6. Danny says

    Melanie said…

    44:37 Rx. It was tough but I am so glad I did it! 🙂

  7. 26:26 rx with the added 10 chest to bar plu's
    fun channeling the inner Viking 😉

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