Thursday, 05 May 2011

Rest Day

Strength Bias:

Shoulder Press

3 rep max

Post max load to comments


  1. Danny says

    Melanie said…

    59 lbs. 3 max rep.
    Failed after 2 reps of 64 lbs.

  2. Danny says

    135 lbs. No PR, but on a postive note,I worked on skinning cats and muscle ups.

  3. 107# and cat still has skin.

  4. Robert says

    125 3 rep max SP and one rep max 130lbs.

  5. Amber says

    Proton Lou and I had fun pressin skinned cats. I got to 90lbs 3 rep max.

  6. Vernice says

    72# 3 rep max

    Not sure but I think this is my last PR

  7. MP Jimmy says

    155 3 rep
    160 2 rep

    Shoulders still not 100% from Tuesday's WOD. Plus, I need more work in that area anyway.:)

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