Tuesday, 03 May 2011

For Time

10 Handstand Push-ups

10 Burpees

5 rounds

Post time to comments


Choose a sport:

Run, Row, Bike, or Swim

6 x 2 minutes on, 1 minute off

Post total distance covered


  1. Danny says

    4 RDS+ 10 burpees+2 HSPU in 25 minutes.

  2. Rhonda G says

    13:43 MOD
    Toes on Box…Arrgghh!!

    Fun morning 🙂

  3. Michel says

    11:00 MOD
    24 box knees
    My arms and knees are toast from Jimmy's blue plates featuring burpees and those lunges. It was a toss up on what to Modify. Great work everyone! Recess rocked!

  4. 13:46 on knees on 24" box. Still hurting from yesterday.

  5. Robert says

    22:39 Rx+ on the dumbells. Thank you, Danny for pushing me to Rx+

  6. MP Jimmy says

    20:47 Rx+
    I used paralettes with a 1.5" depth. My first seven HSPU were on paralettes with a 4" depth, but I realized that would not be effiecent AT ALL! Shoulders were blasted!

    Thanks Danny for finalizing the decision to used the dumbells/paralettes. 🙂

  7. Vernice says

    7:24 ? on the seconds.
    knees on box.
    Great job Rhonda for doing toes on box. You are a strong woman!

  8. Brandy says

    24" knees on box. Another graduation!

    Great job ladies at 530!! Arms are gone. Hopefully back by Friday!

  9. 10:38 with toes on ledge

  10. Patrice says

    Since I slept in I ran 3 miles.

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