Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Push Jerk

3 rep max

Post max load to comments

Compare to 28 DEC 10


Choose a sport:

Run, Row, Bike, or Swim

Run: 2 x 600m, rest 3 min; 400m, rest 2 min; 200m, rest 1 min

Row: 2 x 750m, rest 3 min; 500m, rest 2 min; 250m, rest 1 min

Bike: 2 x 1200m, rest 3 min; 1000m, rest 2 min; 800m, rest 1 min

Swim: 2 x 150m, rest 3 min; 100m, rest 2 min; 50m, rest 1 min


Post sport and total sprint time to comments


  1. Melanie said…

    74 lbs.

  2. 7.4K run this morning in a gale force wind.
    60 min-ish

  3. I was working the split jerk like a diva this morning!! not really
    125 3 rep split jerk

  4. The mean barbell hit me with an uppercut to the jaw!!

  5. Rhonda G says

    65# Push Jerk

    Worked mostly in learning mode today.
    Banch mark for next time…

    Jaime…OUCH!! I've done that too but mine during a thruster work-out.. That bruise on my chin was hard to explain 🙂

  6. Jaime…that happens to me all the time–my third run in with "chin to bar" was two weeks ago during the heavy clean and jerk. Mental note: move head out of the way prior to jerking.

    155 lbs 3 rep–missed my head all three times…which is good.

  7. Patrice says

    mainly worked on form; not sure of weight. I've also hit my chin. COmes with the territory, I guess.

  8. Stopped at 52 lb and focused on form, which was the best ever. I stopped thinking.

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