Monday, 18 April 2011


Run 400m

21 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)

12 Pull-ups

3 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 29 JAN 11


  1. christine says

    13:29 (?)
    30# KB
    1"band PLU

  2. Melanie said…

    18:14 Rx. Great job everybody!

  3. 14:10
    1 pood
    1.5 banded PLU

    Welcome to 0630, Don!

  4. Patrice says

    2 1/4" band
    25 lb. KB

  5. MP Jimmy says

    10:28 Rx
    Not a PR, but with being sick Friday and Saturday, I am ok with the time. PR next "Helen"!

  6. Chrissi Lynn Designs says

    2 1/4" band
    Russian KB 1pood

  7. 12:37 rx 24 sec pr

  8. 18:15 with 1" band and 1 pood

  9. Rhonda G says

    12:16 RX

    Awesome working out with 5:30 pm!! Thanks Amber and Danny and Alice (Heat 2)! You guys rock! Erin, Thanks for the encouragement. Next time, sub 12:00 (it's good to have goals..ha!)

    Brandy, congrats on your first 1 pood WOD.

    Stacy, Lou and I are thinking of you.

  10. 12:29 rx. I bow to Rhonda and her awesomeness. Great job tonight Lou, Brandy, Deborah, Alice, Danny, and Hannah.

    Stacy is doing pint curls and not allowed to type but she appreciates all the well wishes.

  11. 11:34 rx slower then my march pr but eh it's ok 😉
    Stacy be think of ya and your lil broken shoulder ( maybe this time it will be the hardest delts the doc will have to opererate on 😉

  12. 12:36 RX.

    Enjoyed working out with the 1730 ladies and Lou. Spent the whole workout chasing (and not catching) Amber and Rhonda. Great job Rhonda, Amber, Brandy, Lou, Deborah, Alice, and Hannah!

    Mucho prayers to Stacy.

  13. 18:47
    1 pood
    1.5" Plu

    So excited I can do a pood now! Thanks Rhonda ! Had lots of fun tonight with everyone! Congrats to amber and Rhonda for making the board!

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