Saturday, 02 April 2011

“Rob vs. Jam 1”

21 Overhead Squats (95/65)

15 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)

9 Pull-ups

Run 200m

3 rounds for time


Choose a sport:

Run, Row, Bike, Swim

15 x 45 sec on, 20 sec rest

Post total sprint distance to comments


  1. Stacy J says

    CFE row: 2731 meters
    that was a tough one!

  2. MP Jimmy says

    Great group this morning! Had fun with the friendly competition between Robert and Jaime.
    My time: 10:11 Rx

    Had an awesome time last night at the shin-dig! I just want to say the members of MP are the greatest! Also, to whom ever picked up my bill, thank you!

    Have a great weekend! If anyone is bored and has a yearning to build ploy boxes, let me know! 🙂

  3. Robert says

    11:42 Rx fortunate to come out on top today but Jaime is always a tough competitor!

  4. 16:09 RX. Should have worn my vest. Great job everybody!

  5. Angela says

    Awesome CF party at Mexicali's last night! I definitely missed those who couldn't make it. Thanks to Michel for coordinating and to Jimmy & Erin for everything they do!

  6. 12:34 rx and yes…Robert arose victorious. Better luck to me next time.

  7. Carmen says

    32# ohs
    1.5" banded pu
    25 # kbs

  8. Michel says

    15:13 (?)
    45 lb OHS
    1 Pood KBS
    1" PLU

  9. 16:42 rx

  10. Rhonda G says

    22# OHS
    30# KBS

    I love Saturday's at MPC. What crazy warriors we women are for running that far and then coming back for more!! What's in that Kool-aid anyway?

    Great job Peeps!!

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