Monday, 28 March 2010

For Time

Run 200m

10 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

Row 250m

20 Toes-to-bar

20 Tire Jumps (30/24)

4 rounds

Post time to comments

Compare to 28 JUL 10


  1. 30:57 with rip recovery MODS:
    1" band straight PLU
    40 AB MAT BF SU
    18 Tire Jump
    This WOD totally rocks.

  2. 40:01 with 1" band, 40 situps, and 17" tire.

  3. 26:26 RX. 4:21 PR.

  4. MP Jimmy says

    23:27 Rx, PR
    Only a 1:52 PR, not 4 min like Danny! Congratz big D! Nice PR for Robert as well this am! Congratz to Michel for Rx PU's in a WOD!

  5. 28:12rx no…really.Ok I get through the WOD just behind Jimmy thinking I am really awesomoe today…until I realize that I have only done 10 toes to bar per round. So I did them at the end of the WOD.

  6. I got a pr today too. 31:58 was my last one. Did anyone notice that it is 2010 again today?

  7. 25:40 Rx 1:15 PR and 20 seconds past Jimmy's old time. Oh well…23:47 Rx next time is not so bad. Last time it was March 28, 2010, I was resting on the weekend I guess.

  8. Rhonda G says

    28:16 MOD

    18" Tire Jumps
    1st round toes to bar, sit-ups for last 3…also rip recovery mods

  9. 31:23

    1 1/2 band PU
    40 SU not TTB

  10. 31:30

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