Friday, 25 March 2011

For Time

10 Pull-ups
20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
30 Double Unders
400m Row
5 rounds

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  1. 28.08
    lots of mods:
    2 400m runs; 3 400m rows
    1.5 banded PLU
    35# KBS x 1rd; 4rds @ 30#

  2. 28:58
    1/2" PLU 1
    1" PLU 2-5

  3. Rhonda G says

    27:26 MOD
    1/2" BAND
    Row: 4 Rnds – Ran: 1 Rnd

    Great Friday WOD! Good job to all who endured!! My poor hands are tired and torn this week!

  4. Rhonda G says

    Oh and GOOD JOB SUPERMAN LOU on the Jump Rope PR yesterday–3 in a row – Woooo Hoooo!!

  5. did the games wod again today 5 rds 11 du improved by 11 reps. Erin, you got me by 19 reps on this one!!

  6. christine says

    1" band PLU
    30# KB

  7. MP Jimmy says

    Like Jaime, I did the Games Open WOD again. I did better my score:
    7 rds +13 Dbl Unders


    Congratz to Jim on performing the Open WOD, and getting registered!

    Just a reminder for all who are registered for the games; this Sunday is the cut-off for entering you performance. If you want to attempt it again, you can do it on Saturday morning.

  8. MP Jimmy says

    If you are not registered, but would like to; you have until Sunday at 1700 PDT, 1900 our time, to do so. However, you do have to do the first WOD by the same cut-off time.

  9. Melanie said…

    I ran one 400 instead of rowing a 400 because a rower was not available.

    Have a great weekend! Great job everyone!

  10. 25:30 Rx

  11. 28:24 w/ singles & 1" band

    Not so bad after 4 days off from CF, but it was definitely a doozy! Fun WOD'n with Patrice, Brian, Nancy, and Lou this morning. Oh, and I finally did all 10 pull-ups in the warm up with only the thong…until today I'd only been able to get 5. Good times at MPCF for sure!

  12. 34:15 with 1 pood, singles,& 1" band.
    Fun working out with the 5:30 ladies.

  13. 25:23 rx

  14. Vernice says

    1 in PLU
    1 pood
    This was exhausting!

    Good work everyone and have a great weekend.

  15. Stacy J says

    27:07 with big band for PLU's

    thanks Jimmy for fixing my rope….my DU's are smokin' now!!

  16. 23:23 rx
    I actually like stacys mean rope! 🙂

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