Monday, 21 March 2011

Hero WOD


50 Pull-ups

Run 400m

21 Thrusters (95/65)

Run 800m

21 Thrusters (95/65)

Run 400m

50 Pull-ups

For Time

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Compare to 08 NOV 10


  1. 22:09 1" banded plu still babying the shoulder
    thanks for bringing your cousins Jimmy

  2. 23:29 1min+ pr from my board time 🙂
    I dislike thrusters muy macho!!
    Fun havin Jimmy's cuzes wod with us today 🙂 great job guys!!

  3. Melanie said…


    mod:did pu instead of plu. First 50 pu were rx. Second 50 pu: first five were rx and the rest were knee. 45 lb. thrusters

    Great job to all!!!!

  4. Chrissi Lynn Designs says

    27:11 MOD

    Sprained ankle…so did rowing instead of running. 1000M instead of 800 run, 500M row instead of 400 run.

    started with 2 1/4" band for PLU, ended with 2 3/4" band.

    32lb thrusters.

    Great WOD. Felt good to be back inspite of the ankle.

  5. Well, I'm sure not upset that it worked out for today to be my rest day…next time, Daniel!

    Training for the 100-mile bike ride is going great…50 miles yesterday and it was AWESOME!

    Good work everyone!! See you all tomorrow.

  6. 21:23
    45 lb Thrusters
    1" band
    2:13 PR

  7. 21:47 better ROM thrusters RX

  8. 21:30 RX. Now I know what life getting sucked out of me feels like. Last set of PLU's took forever.

  9. 25:13 rx

  10. Rhonda G says

    21:15 MOD
    45# Thrusters, 75 PLU w/ 1/2" band: 25 PLU w/ 1" band

    Much slower than November( 18:28) , but 15# more weight, 1" less band and 40 degrees F. Not really sure how that works out :-/

  11. 33:17
    32 lb thrusters

    Slower than Nov but I did increase weight by 10 lb and went down on band size by about an inch. Plus had a resting period bc I felt light headed. Daniel
    Tried to kill me I think.

  12. MP Jimmy says

    16:30 Rx
    21 sec PR!!

    Great job everyone!

  13. Stacy J says

    20:34 modified
    big band PLU's
    22 lbs thrusters

  14. Vernice says

    1 in plu
    32 lb thrusters

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